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Welcome to DAS Choreography

This two-year low-residential master’s programme of the Amsterdam University of the Arts aims to contribute to the field of critical and contemporary dance practice. DAS Choreography subscribes to the view that the discipline of dance and approaches to choreography are inherently diverse and evolving. In the area of practice, dance can be seen to encompass a wide range of genres: these developments have led to new understandings of the concept of (expanded) choreography as an open cluster of tools that can be used in a generic capacity for both analysis and production. Choreographers experiment with models of production, staging formats and contribute to a broadening of the understanding of what choreography can do, they investigate new forms of self-organization, social mobilization and engagement.

Live video call

Saturday 29th of January
13:30 - 14:30 hrs (Amsterdam) 

Questions about this master study programme? Join the live video call with artistic director Jeroen Fabius on Saturday 29 January from 13:00 till 14:00 hrs.

Go to the Zoom meeting.
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More information 
More information about the field of study, please go to DAS Choreography

Student projects

Take a look at:
The personal profiles of the students and alumni of DAS Choreography.

Visit the personal websites of our alumni:
Pere Faura (graduated in 2011)  
Arkadi Zaides (graduated in2014)  
Sara Anjo (graduated in 2016)  
Paula Montecinos (graduated in 2020)  

See below:
Registrations of end of year performances 2021, from students Josefa Pereira and Veza Fernández.
And the performance Time Will Tell from student Reza Mirabi.

Useful links

Website Academy of Theatre and Dance - DAS Choreography 

Contact - DAS Choreography
When you have questions about the ATD Open Day programme, please contact the helpdesk 



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