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The Dutch National Ballet Academy (NBA) is the premier programme for classical ballet in the Netherlands. The professional ballet school trains talented young dancers at the highest level, bringing their skills up to the professional standards required by the world’s leading dance companies.

Live question & answer on Instagram

Saturday 29th of January
10:00 - 12:00 hrs (Amsterdam)

Live question & answer on Instagram @denationaleballetacademie

Watch the end of year performance "Dansers van Morgen Tailor-Made" (2021)

Saturday 29th of January
12:00 - 13:30 hrs (Amsterdam)

Frequently asked questions

Have a look at our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) page with a list of questions and answers of the Dutch National Ballet Academy (NBA).

Summer School 2022

The Amsterdam International Summer School, an in-depth summer school for ballet students between 15 and 21 years of age, will take place from 9th through 22nd of July 2022.

The Amsterdam International Summer School course is organized by the Dutch National Ballet Academy in collaboration with the Dutch National Ballet. And will take place in the studios of the Dutch National Ballet or Dutch National Ballet Academy, in the heart of Amsterdam.

The program of the Amsterdam International Summer School provides daily classes in classical ballet, pas de deux, solos, contemporary and repertoire from Dutch National Ballet.

Students participating in the Amsterdam International Summer School will have the unique opportunity to work with teachers from Dutch National Ballet, the Junior Company, the Dutch National Ballet Academy and guest teachers.

For more information and application see the website

Student project

Fragment from the end of year performance "Dancers van Morgen"(2021)
"Poulenc Suite", choreography by Ernst Meisner with students from the associate degree and bachelor programme. 

associate degree atd-opendag bachelor ballet choreography dance dans performance vooropleiding