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Dance / Music / Acting 

I am an artist based in Amsterdam (soon London). I have Austrian and Dominican roots and grew up in Innsbruck (Austria). Over the years I gained experience in the field of dancing, choreographing, teaching, acting (stage & camera). I value authenticity, honesty, respect and a good sense of humour, which is also part of my work ethic as an artist.

Ainy Medina

Docent dans

As a choreographer and dancer, I am always looking for personal meaning in performing and creating dance. I want to feel connected to the theme and express my personal experiences through the material. In my process as a dancer I found ways to build this personal connection through writing texts about how I relate to a theme and translate my thoughts into movement. I know that there might not always be time to come up with a backstory for every choreography. However, I found that working with images and metaphors are little stories in itself. As a choreographer I like to look at a piece as a collection of images, one organically transitioning into the next. These images should be correlated with personal experiences and produce feelings, emotions or sensations that can fill the shape and form of dance with life and intention. I believe that regardless of any craft, one of the greatest gifts is to dive deep into our life experience and draw from what we find in the self and beyond the self to create work that touches everyone involved in one way or another. Part of my artistic vision is to normalize the tolerance for uncertainty and embracing the unknown. I believe if you are grounded in who you are and your intentions, the unknown will fuel your artistry and the unexpected will boost your energy and focus. The combination of well preparedness and opportunity grants gifts that you could never create on purpose.