Clifford Henry

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Clifford Henry

Docent dans


I was born on the Sunny beautiful Island of St. Maarten where the Art of Dance and the different art forms on the Island isn't really anything that the governor paid attention to or took interest in to put in schools and have in school curriculums because it wasn't important at all. Why? Because the governor had no knowledge about Art Education and what it can do for the students in schools so for them it wasn't important to have in school curriculums of education. My goal here was to make sure that art education was implemented as part of the school curriculum. At that point my for me it was something I needed to fight for and get out there and to make sure it was put in the schools as part of the education so the student can learn the history, culture and tradition of what art is where it came from and how it progressed and changed tremendously. Throughout all my training and hard work as an assistant dance teacher and student with some of the most amazing and hard working teachers from the National Institute of the Arts ( Sint. Maarten) and Fina Dance Art School ( Curacao) who dedicated themselves, they taught me to always believe in myself and dance is not about competing with anyone but yourself. Dance is an important art form that requires discipline, respect, understanding so the body is aware of how you move and flow through your movements. Dance is creating, sharing, educating, inviting, exploring, experimenting, enjoying, expressing and passing on what your experience of dance is and your interpretation of how dance is for you. I believe that I as an individual have a lot to offer based on my experience and the way I was taught and educated by some of the most inspiring, encouraging and motivating teachers who guided me to see and understand the true meaning of Dance and its Art forms. Showing them that anything is possible once you put your mind to it and focus you will reach your dreams. I believe we are all unique and talented in our own special and magnificent way but for you, as a dancer to get further out there in the big world you need to want it and you need to want to fight and go for it no matter how tough or hard the training maybe.


Learning and understanding help stimulate the development of my identity, creativity and ways of working which is necessary to find my place in where I stand as a teacher, dancer and choreographer in society. It was a journey where I get to learn, understand and experience so many different wonderful and unique things from the students and the elderly people. I got to see who they are as a person, individuals and dancers. I got to see their strengths and weaknesses, what they can and not do, their maximum and minimum range of expansion and flexibility. Understanding the different body types and structure knowing how I as a teacher can adapt my material and exercises to suit the needs and abilities of each student and elderly. Creating and bridging the gap between the students and elderly people living in different environments I got the chance to build a connection with each and every one of them inviting them in so they can experience, explore and experiment with the professional art of dance, the different art forms, styles and qualities. Giving them the chance to express themselves in a space where they can be free to do whatever they want and enjoy each moment. I strongly believe that students and elderly people learn better when they are seen and understood. Letting them see a side of me that they have never seen when I am dancing showing vulnerability, acceptance, risk, enjoyment and happiness and the passion I have for dance and the different art forms in the world.