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Julcsi Varva


Artists like me


I am originally from Hungary but living in New York and based in Amsterdam and Berlin. As a fine artist but I am sort of an interdisciplinary artist and a freelancer, a dancer, choreographer, performer, stage designer, light designer, media designer I also work with fine arts and cinema, sometimes I paint about it and also in charge of the scenography and the costumes, interested in visuals arts and composing music for different productions, practicing yoga and running, background in ballet but also contemporary and sometimes functioning as a curator, I just love to create I am into creation and creativity and creating the creation and creating the creativity. My work is conceptual. Also sensual. And also political. And has a postcolonial approach. I like to take things seriously, I am planning to move from the black box to the white box. I refuse self purposed art-making. Nevertheless, I do this to bring change!”