Joan Esajas

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Joan Esajas

DAS Creative Producing


Joan was born on March 1975 in Amsterdam, daughter of a Surinamese father and a Dutch mother and planted her roots in Amsterdam’s Bijlmermeer. As a child, it soon became clear that creativitiy, dance, theatre and music and I were one.

I started art education the IVKO and became acquainted with artistic subjects that have a purpose in life and uitimately determined the path that I am taking now. After Nimeto Adverstising and Display, I worked for 8 years as a concept developer at the Bijenkorf, At that time, I wanted more music in my life and gladly to be introduced to Paradiso. It started as a side-job and grew into a full-time job. As a Floor Manager, I was responsible for everything that happens on the floor from the catering, staff, music productions supervision of artists, planning, co-organizing of events, productions or lectures and all behind the scenes.

After 10 years of Paradiso, I continued as a self-employed person – from artist supervisor for festivals including Loveland and Milkshake, to coordinator or coach at youth projects and talent development programs in Amsterdam south-east. In 5 years I have worked a lot at cultural institutions in different functions. I made rapid growth and became more powerful. After a great production assignment at the Bijlmer Parktheatre, I was given the opportunity which gave me my current position as Production Manager in one of the most important theatres of our time.

Exclusivity and cultural diversity are the norm in this Theatre. My daily activities include supporting, guiding and having contact with emerging talents, professionals, theatre companies and artists. As a production manager, I take care of the programming, technical support and production leaders together and ultimately provided the outcome that visitors expect.