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Dinsdag: 28.06.
Aanvang: 19:45 (en daarna doorlopend te bekijken)


After decades of political disagreement, controversy and overthrow my play centres on the world’s most famous monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, and the relationship with her son. Therefore, I used a play by Sarah Kane: Phaedra’s love. 

Phaedra’s love is Kane’s take on Seneca’s and Euripides tragedies ‘Hippolytus’, which tell the legend of Phaedra, the wife of Theseus. She is cursed by Aphrodite and falls desperately in love with her stepson, the beautiful and chaste youth Hippolytus, with a catastrophic outcome.

I tried to turn the story into a modern, political and subversive version. The play highlights current society’s contempt for tradition and the censure of those who actually behave outside the norm. In my adaptation it is the clash of forces that helps me with the gradual deconstruction and demystification of patterns. 

However, their status does not allow them to show weakness. They must give the people the hope for redemption. To make things worse, the queen falls in love with her son and misuses her power. She starts manipulating, loses touch with her duties, and in the meantime, she tries to keep up her appearance. 



Sarah Kane

Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos

Geurt Holdijk (House of Architects)

Composer / Sound designer
Manolis Kasimakis

Technical producer
Titus Duitshof

Video designer
Lars Huijgen

Eva Heinsbroek
Titus Duitshof

Light designer
Jasper Nijholt 

Executive producer
Sarah Steeman

Konstantinos Vasilakopoulos

Executive cameraman – Teaser
Hans de Jonge

Communication production
Dominique de Moel

Art direction
Carsten Klein

Promotional photos
Diederick Bulstra

Stage fighting
Manolis Kasimakis

Set production
Frits van Driel
Judith van de Pas
Daan Westendorp

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