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Edda & Avan

Edda is a young woman and can be described as a Hikikomori. This term describes someone who shut themself off from the physical world. She spends her time on her own in her room. In a chat she meets Avan, possibly also a Hikikomori. As they are physically apart they schedule to meet in a digital surrounding. Together they explore the possibilities of an online world and an online body.

Vrijdag: 25.06.

Aanvang: 21:00 (en daarna doorlopend te bekijken)

This is a co-production with ID-lab


with: Nick Deroo, Pleuni Veen

concept, direction & scenography: Katharina Wegmann*
producer: Willem Weemhoff
creative technologist: Keez Duyves
lighting and environment programmer: Hicham Bendriss
avatar programmer: Henk Nijman
composer: Lisa Weyrauther
production: Paula Braas
technical production: Dave Krooshof
camera: Hans de Jonge

* = graduating student

with special thanks to: Bas de Bruijn, Cecile Brommer, Frits van Driel, Niels Jansson, David Knap, Erik Lint, Jurre Pöpping, Dennis Schaffer, Charlie Smeets, Bart Visser, Tatyana van Walsum

parental advisory: this content contains nudity and acts of intimicy