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Project van:

Charlotte Gillain

Maandag: 28.06.

Aanvang: 19:45 (en daarna doorlopend te bekijken)

With Charlotte Gillain

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About the work

As a maker and performer i've been challenging the notion of identity. More specifically, the ownership we all experience of our own identity. What would it be like to live in a reality where meeting a parallel version of yourself, that has it's own autonomous life, is not strange. The performance is an attempt to become the same person with multiple bodies, bodies that don't necessarily look alike. As an audience you enter an intimate, sensual and hypnotic space. A space where everything and everyone seems interchangeable.

Want more?

This year i've also experimented with making a video installation. Actually...let's forget about me is an interdisciplinary videowork that was originally viewed in an empty hotel room. Through the use of the upcoming deepfake software I want to, again, challenge the notion of experiencing ownership of your own identity. As a viewer, you follow the story of a woman alone in her room constantly changing perspectives of who she can be, for you. 

Watch the whole work here:

Dreamworlds Freedom of Movement Interdisciplinary International Opleiding Sensitivity  Sensuality Spoken ENG Text-based mime