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Project by:

Milena Weber (SNDO)

Monday: 28.06.

Start: 21:30 (remains available afterwards)

Doctor—doctor..where are thee. . . nearer, nearer my doctor to thee...why

did you leave me

my body is burning

when did we part I can not remember.

A dead

and a missing doctor

its time to investigate


Choreography: Milena Weber in collaboration with Parisa Madani, Advisors: Fernando Belfiore, Igor Dobricic, Johanna Herrschmann, Music: Michael Abels – Pas De Deux (US), Yami Maho & Shusty Bones– Huesos, Thanks to the production team; Charlotte, Martin, Rick, Norma & the frascati production team and lots of love and gratitude to my family, Carst10, Peter, Julsci, Antonella, Paca and many more

Afrofuturism Afropessimism Connecting Cultures Dance Dreamworlds Fiction Freedom of Movement Interdisciplinary International Nope  Opleiding Performance Sensitivity  Spoken ENG Text-based Theatre flymode myheartwillgoonandsoon whyareyousadnancy x-factor