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welcome to 
Physical Culture Lab
Modern Theatre Dance 4

Tuesday 29.06.21 at 20:45 
after the premiere you can watch Physical Culture Lab at any time

Choreography is always and at anytime - a representation, a dramaturgy, of governance.
How we govern ourselves individually, communally, socially, and how the culture of the space is formed.

We have decided to practice two lines of governance,
one based on rules (choreography).
one based on principles (improvisation).

There is a time for rules and a time for principles and this is an experiment of what type of intentions, behaviors and metaphors we want to live by in society.

You can now choose to see a society based on 

Principles      or      Rules

Learn more about these metafors:

Scientific fact: 

Straightness is a concept.

From the largest objects, to the smallest particles, everything is made up of curves.

There is not a straight thing in the known universe. 

Nothing in this world is straight; not even your thoughts.

You are a soft curved human being.

Another scientific fact:

There is no light inside the body.
Inside of all of us, is a darkness.

What can we do from that darkness?

Vibration - Friction

Energy - Heat

The power of the body.

What you decided to do with it

is up to you.


Choreography: Connor Schumacher
Light: Roan Lo-a-Njoe
Sound: Kees Theunissen
Camera: Alessio Reedijk
Costumes: Majon van der Schot, Dragadina
Producer: Dorothea Sinnema
Assistent producer: Floor Broer


Sean Nicolas Savage
Gustav Holst
Night Aura Brass Arrangements
A.G Cook

Connor Schumacher
The book of Ecclesiastes NIV Bible

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