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Voelen in Begrenzing

Choreography: Faizah Grootens in collaboration with DD4

“Voelen in Begrenzing” is a dance performance created for and with the 14 dancers of Docent Dans 4. 14 individuals who are scanning and discovering an unknown territory. A game between standing in your power and being vulnerable. Who said that power, vulnerability, freedom and friction don’t belong together?


David Cham, Ivo Glans, Clifford Henry, Nadine Janssen, Freerk Lenselink, Tamara van Lent, Ainy Medina, Kelsey van Oers, Mihai Prună, Manouk Roberts, Ava Sopacua, Joury van der Vecht, Kimberly Vrolijk and Linde Wagemakers

Tuesday: 29.06.2021

Start: 19:45 (after premiere permanently streamable online)


Cinematographer: Floris Verweij

Editor: Neldrick Martis

First assistant camera: Boyd Bakema

Gaffer: Emiel van Geenen

Technicians de Krakeling: Coen Gravemaker, Immanuel van de Ven

Sound recording: Dennis Schaffers

Sound design: Neldrick Martis

Production: Manouk Roberts, Rikke Rasmussen, Dorothea Sinnema

Assistant choreographer: Annemieke Mooij en Amber Veltman 

Music: Momentum by Nils Frahm, The Harp Theme by Federico Albanese, K-Cinerea by Bachar Mar-Khalifé

Location: de Krakeling 

Special thanks to: Lisa de Faria, Academie voor Theater en Dans: ATT, be-CONNECTED, de Krakeling, opleiding Docent Dans

Connecting Cultures Dance Freedom of Movement International No Language barrier Opleiding Sensitivity